About Us


We’re a family company founded in November of 2014 by Dr. Sergey Gazenko, a PhD in microbiology with over thirty years of experience in the field.

He has patented many of his own inventions, including a kefir fermenter that is able to produce viable and healthy strains of the bacteria at an accessible cost for everyone!


  • Our devices are based on new patented invention. It dramatically simplifies homemade kefir preparation: just pour milk inside and drink healthy delicious kefir in 20-24 hours. No more strainer, no spatula, no pouring from one jar to another, no mess, no spots...
  • Only from our company you get a unique fermentation devices and kefir grains together.
  • Kefir grains are delivered to you alive. Competitors sell dehydrated cultures that must rehydrate for about a week, and even after this doesn't restore all positive qualities.
  • We selected high quality, best tasting kefir grains and grow them in our laboratory. 
  • Reliable design and quality control are our priorities.