More About Kefir

Milk Kefir Fermenters

Save your time and money by making your own Kefir with our Kefir Fermenters!
  • Kefir Fermenters consists of jar, straw, lid and plastic chamber with numerous holes. Kefir grains have free access to milk through holes during fermentation and reliable separated from ready kefir during drinking through straw. Just fill jar with milk and drink after solidifying. 

  • Refillable: can be made fresh daily

  • Great time saving: no more pouring from one jar to another, no strainer, no spatula, no cleaning.

  • Saves money when you make your own kefir from milk.

  • Buy it with or without Kefir Grains

You can buy our Kefir Fermenters, Curd & Whey Separators, Kefir Grains, Sets for fermenting, Containers for grains, tea, coffee, infused water here or, and Type 'Kefir Fermenter' or 'Microbiota, Inc.'